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Bear, Foaled 4/22/2006, Dark Bay, American Miniature, Gelding, 38 inches, 250lbs (5/2/21)

Bear is an adorable mini pony, but he is terrified of people! The lady called us, because she had tried to sell them online and no one was interested. Her husband had passed and she was losing her house. She was desperate to find someplace safe for her horse, MJ, Mini Pony, Bear, and Mini Donkey, Gus. They are all very bonded and have been together for the last 9 years.

We went to pick them up and bring them to PPER on 9/7/20. Unfortunately, Bear is very overweight and he has foundered in his front hooves. He could hardly walk when we got him back to PPER. To make matters worse, Bear is terrified of people and very hard to catch. Poor little guy trying to get away and could barley walk. Fortunately we know what to do. With the help of some pain relievers and some very good supplements , Heiro and Dumor Hoof, plus our low carbohydrate, high protein, high fat feeding program, Bear is now walking much better and has a good prognosis for his hooves. Unfortunately he is still terrified of people and we are still working on that. To see more pictures of Bear, check out his album on Facebook!

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