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Foaled 2006, Bay, Arabian, Mare, 14.2 hands, 757lbs (1/2/20)

Becca is available for adoption to the right forever home that understands desensitizing and ground work. This pretty girl caught the attention of one of our founders, when the rescuer/owner realized she could not pay to board her anymore and that she was not able to care for her. Keith agreed to try to help her and she came to PPER.

Becca was purchased from Tar Heel feed lot back in February 2017. this lady wanted to save her from being shipped to Mexico for slaughter. She could not personally care for her and so she had her boarded at a boarding facility, where she has been pretty much running wild since. Though she did have a couple months of care by her owners and was ridden by their children.

She was pretty skittish and would rather show off then be caught. Not in the best nutritional state, she also had a very matted main and tail, and a halter that had left ware marks on her face and jaw!

It has taken a lot of love and patience to help this pretty girl be the beautiful Arabian princess that she is meant to be.

She got her vet check and is verified to be 12 yrs old. She also had terrible teeth, uneven with bad tarter buildup. They needed to be floated and scraped.

Becca is beautiful and healthy now. We tested her for riding and she did great! She can still be hard to catch, if she is in a mood, but she loves attention and to be groomed. She did a great job with riding and was ready for her forever home, then we realized she had a baby on board, so Becca's adoption was delayed until after she had and weaned her baby.

Becca had a beautiful baby girl 11:55pm 3/5/19 Both Mama and Baby are did great. Willow was one big baby and Becca is a very good mommy!

Becca went on to do a couple lessons in the ring with some of our volunteer kids and became a star of pony rides. Becca was adopted and unfortunately come back to us because the adopter could no longer rider her. She came back very hard to catch and is working on desensitizing again. We are sure she will be the star of pony rides again soon! Becca is available for adoption to the right forever home that understands desensitizing and ground work.

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