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Forever Home Wanted! Sponsored by Peter

Bella, foaled 2005?, Dark Bay, 12 hand, Hackney pony cross, Mare, 398lbs (9/10/19)

Bella will not be available for adoption until we can get her healthy, comfortable and then evaluated. Bella's herd mate had to be laid to rest, and she needed a home ASAP! Fortunately for this pretty girl, someone offered to sponsor her to come to PPER. We could not helps her herd mate, but we are going to do everything we know how to get this little girl happy and healthy! She got on the trailer like a pro! She is very sweet, stands for grooming and to be fly sprayed, even took her de-wormer like a champ! She has already made friends with the everyone in the yard at PPER. Bella has some serious healing to do. Her feet were very soft and painful and the farrier will be evaluation them to see what we can do. She also needs to gain some muscle weight. However with her feet being so painful right now, we do not want her to get too heavy for them, so we have to be careful. We are transitioning her over to our high protein high fat diet and already have her on hoof supplements. Hopefully we will be able to buy some Hiero supplements to help even more with those hooves. Bella is being sponsored by Peter! She still needs a dedicated volunteer for her care and training! 

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