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Casper, Palomino/Paint, Halflinger, Gelding, 803lbs (3/28/19), 14.2 hands Foaled 2002 (by Coggins and bill of sale)

Casper had been rescued from the meat auction by a lady who raised palominos. The poor guy had been gelded by a back yard butcher, was malnourished and badly infected. She told me it took months of penicillin shots and vet care to get him healthy. Her kids used to ride Casper, but she didn't really do Haflingers and so she sold him. Unfortunately, when she went back to check on him, she found out the person was a horse trader and had sold him almost immediately. We don't know what happened to Casper after that, but he was passed around at least a couple different homes. Finally an older couple purchased him. The couple that had Casper decided he wasn't the right horse for them, and advertised him for sale. 

Keith purchased Casper and he came home with us on 8/23/12, before we became an official rescue. Casper was adopted, but his new owners ran into financial difficulty and had to give him back. We are happy to have him home! Casper is a sweet, loving, rideable, and just all around great horse. Casper has been adopted! View his album here to see all of his fabulous pictures.

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