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Foaled 2010, Gray, American Miniature, Mare

Cindy's story is hard for me to tell, but I will tell you what we know. We received and emergency call about a mini mare that needed immediate placement. The lady had gone to pick up a mare that she had purchased, when we came across this poor little mare. Cindy was used as a brewed mare and was left out in the pasture for her 1year old, 2 year old, and 3 year old stallions to continue to nurse on her! It get's even worse from there. There was another stallion and a mini Jack as well. One of her foals was a Mule.

Cindy was extremely emaciated and has some trouble eating, since she has a hole in her face that some of her food falls from when she tries to chew it! She could not support her own life plus 3 more nursing on her! The lady took all the minis. She just did not know what to do for poor Cindy. She knew she had to get away from those boys and so she brought her to us. It seems that over a year or so ago, Cindy was attacked by dogs. She was not given the veterinary care she needed to heal and instead her ripped face curled under and adhered to the bottom of the outside of her face, leaving a gapping hole and the inside of her cheek exposed on the outside of her jaw.

We believe Cindy is also pregnant as she was in a pasture with 3 stallions and a Jack.

Cindy is on a refeeding diet and since she came to us is gaining well,. Unfortunately, she has a long way to go and most of the weight she is gaining appears to be going to her baby. It appears that Cindy had not been handled much and was very frightened, but she is coming around and liking scratches and grooming now.

Can You Help Us Help Cindy?!? She need everyone to help! She needs a Sponsor for her care and a Dedicate Volunteer to work with her!

Vet bills for her and her baby! Farrier and after the baby comes, possible surgery to fix her face, if it is even possible to fix it.

Help Us Help Her!

Donate or Sponsor Cindy!

Adopt! Sponsor! Donate! Volunteer!

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