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Cletus foaled 1973, Tan, Miniature Donkey, 38 in. tall Weight 241 lbs. (4/30/21)

Cletus will not be available for adoption until after he is cleared by the vet and farrier to be pasture sound. This sweet boy is the oldest donkey Alex has had the pleasure to meet in person! Cletus' owners were in the hospital. Alex got the call from their daughter. She lives in Florida and her parents were not expected to return home. She knew she had to find someplace for Cletus, Eli and Pepe, but no one was interested because of their advanced ages. There was no more time to look for a new home. Unfortunately, one of the owners passed away on Saturday and the placement became even more urgent. So we came to get them on 4/21/20.

Cletus had a few issues. The vet said he was "morbidly obese" and needs to be on a serious diet immediately. Along with that he had some pretty bad summer sores along with sweet itch, and lice. His coat was badly matted and he was very uncomfortable. Good thing is all of those things are fixable! They thought Cletus was hard to catch, but as it turns out Pepe was pushing him away from people. He is extremely sweet and loves to be rubbed on but was head shy. It took a lot of work to get the old matted hair off and see what was underneath. Fortunately Cletus was just glad for attention and to see that we will not let Pepe push him to the side. We worked with medicated creams to clear up most of his sores and get his skin conditions under control as well as the bugs!

Cletus is now coming up to great people cautiously, since he is so small and does not like to move quickly anymore she stands to the side and waits his turn for attention. This can mean that he gets looked over by visitors often and we are trying to make sure he is getting his share of the love! He still doesn't like the halter, but he is putting up with it much better these days.

Cletus needs a lot of love and to lose some serious pounds! He loves scratches and is starting to talks to us while we are getting the morning feed! We groomed with Cletus a lot and managed to get his sores treated and much of his long hair brushed out. He doesn't offer to kick or bite, and only moves when the other donkeys get in the way. Cletus is a sweet little old man and is getting better every day! Cletus needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with him! To learn more about Cletus, check out his album on Facebook.

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