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Dakota Foaled 5/12/2021 at PPER. Sorrel, Quarterhorse, Colt

Dakota's mother's owner was told that she was not pregnant and so she was turned out on a fescue pasture. Unfortunately for Dakota he was in the third trimester of development. Many times this will cause the loss of the foal, physical deformity or brain damage. His mother was brought to us in time and was off of fescue the last 10 days of her pregnancy. It must have been enough because Dakota was born live and is now thriving!

Dakota does have some developmental delays and did have tremors. His bag was thick and slightly red, but not bright red. Once he survived the 10 day mark, he had good chance of survival. Dakota is nursing well and walking well now. He is still having a bit of trouble controlling his body and making it go in the direction he wants, but it is getting much better already. The tremors are all but gone now and we pray that his little brain will continue to rewire itself and he will be okay.

Dakota is teething now, so everything is doing in his mouth, including people! We are gently teething him that nips are not okay!

Right now all we can do is pray and do what we know how for Dakota. Things are looking up and he is getting better! Dakota needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to train with him. 

Adopt! Sponsor! Volunteer! Donate!

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