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Foaled 2009, Sorrel, Quarter horse, Mare, 15.3 hands, 1103lbs (5-8-21 pregnant)

Dalia came to PPER 5/2/2021 and gave birth to a foal on 5/12/2021. Mother and Foal (Dakota) are doing fine!

We received a contact form Dalia's owner. She was at her wits end trying to work with Dalia and to get Dalia to get her hooves trimmed and was considering having her put down, if someone would not take her. She had been told that Dalia was pregnant at the kill lot that she bought her from. On December 23, 2020, she took Dalia to the vet and was told she was not pregnant. Believing what the Vet had told her, that Dalia was just fat, she put her out on a fescue pasture, and started working her. Dalia was protecting the foal she was carrying and was not cooperating with the exercises trying to make her loose weight. We now know that Dalia was 6 month pregnant in December and really was not able to do the things they were trying to make her to.

When Dalia refused to get her back hooves trimmed, the owner went through 2 different farriers and then decided that they could not deal with the mare anymore, so she brought Dalia to us. Fortunately we feed Coastal and Chaffhaye . We believe that if Dalia had stayed on that fescue the foal would have been still born. Fortunately he was born live here on 5-12-21, after 10 days of being off the fescue. Alex guesses she got here just in time.

Unfortunately due to Dalia being on fescue in her third trimester, the foal did have some fescue poisoning. Dakota (the foal) did survive and his development appears to be somewhat catching up to his chronological age.

We have not tried to do much of anything with Dalia as she is concentrating on taking care of her foal. We will be starting halter training and desensitizing with her soon.

Dalia will eventually be available for adoption, but not until after Dakota is weened and we have time to test and train with her.

Right now Dalia needs a sponsor for her care and a dedicated volunteer to work with her!

Adopt! Sponsor! Volunteer! Donate!

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