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Adopted! Boarded at PPER

Foaled 8/2008, Percheron, Gelding 18.2 hands, 1982 bs (4/3/18)

Dane's Owner's health was failing and she spent over a year researching to try to figure out how she could ensure he would be well cared for for the rest of his life--that is when she called Pasture Pals ER and asked us if we would take him. We made the five hour trip to pick him up on 10/18/15 and fell in love at first sight! What a sweet gentle giant he is! Trained to ride, pull, and ground drive Dane will be an asset to our program for years to come! Dane has one real issue; he has a fit anytime his mamma Peggy gets out of his sight. Dane loves his people time and will take the rake or shovel out of your hand to get your attention! Everyone loves him and a hug from Dane just makes the day go better! Dane has been adopted and is boarded at PPER. To see all of Dane's cute pictures, check out his photo album on Facebook

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