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15 year old?, Spotted Mule, Gelding, 14 hands

His owner got him from a kill lot, thinking they wanted a mule. She even got a mini mule as a companion for him. She quickly found that mules are quite different than horses and that she did not know how to work with mules. We are very glad that we were able to accept them into our program so that they did not end up back at yet another auction house as kill buyer bait! We are pretty sure he has been ridden and driven. He came from New Jersey auction and went through New Holland kill lot by his Coggins. Deuce is a handsome boy and pretty friendly considering what he has been through. He comes up to Alex to say hello but is not quite sure what loving attention is all about yet. The farrier came out 10/28/19 to remove the shoes that have been on him since May 20th, when he went through the first auction with shoes on all four. He has not had hoof care since. He is a leaner, practically sat on the farrier; we got all but one hoof trimmed. This guy appears to have always had hoof trims and shoes done in stalks and doesn't seem to understand how to balance and stand up on his own feet while the farrier works. Chances are it is because he is used to being able to lean and put his weight on the stalks. It is a major disservice not to teach an equine to hold their balance and own weight while their hooves are being worked on! You do not always have the luxury of stalks, especially when working with smaller equines. This may be why he ended up at the kill lot. We will see. Deuce will need some retraining before he will be available for adoption! He needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with his training! To see all pictures of this handsome mule, check out his photo album on Facebook!

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