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Permanent Resident - Sponsor Wanted!

Foaled 2016, Palomino, Hinny, Gelding

A man had bought this handsome boy for his son thinking he was a mule. It was not very long before the man found that he did not have the time or knowledge to train him. They did not do any training with him at all and did not even give him a name. He was out in the pasture with a mini jack donkey and a herd of cows. The man decided he did not want him and was looking for a home ASAP. Keith saw his photos and immediately made arrangements to pick him up. As soon as Keith got him to the yard he started calling him General, because he is always standing at attention, guarding and looking very stern and serious. General is not a mule, but a gorgeous hinny. He already likes scratches and attention. We had General gelded at NCSU on 4/1/19. Hopefully is hormones will calm down soon and it will be easier to work with him. General needs a sponsor and a dedicated volunteer for his training.

Adopt, Volunteer, Sponsor, Donate!

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