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Forever Home or Sponsor Wanted!

AQHA Registered Name Mister Creeptastic, Registration # 5458536, Foaled 5/15/08, Perlino, Quarter Horse, Gelding 15 hands, 898lbs (9-9-18)

Gold is looking for a companion home. This gorgeous guy thought he had a chance! He thought he was saved! He was sent to quarantine so that he could go to his new home and it was there that the something terrible happened; he almost ended up being put down! Fortunately for him, his new owner was told about PPER just in the nick of time and now with your help he can get that chance for a better life! Gold has a very serious injury that happened in the quarantine lot, while he was waiting to go to his new owner. His tail was broken and ripped off! His new owner was overwhelmed and going to put him down. She contacted PPER and if we were not able to help him, his life would have ended! We could not let that happen to this sweet, gorgeous, in your pocket boy. Two different vets have seen him so far here. The tail is now granulated and we may not have to do the operation. Unfortunately radiographs of his hoof and leg showed that there was an impact/crush injury that was not treated. It had been infected and the infection caused holes in the bones and arthritis. Because it is now too late to treat this injury, he has a slight mechanical lameness. While Gold could still do pony rides, he will never be truly rideable. Gold still requires daily bandage changes and medications until his tail is fully healed. If we can keep him from getting an infection in the tail, he may never need the operation. We are hoping the fundraisers that we have done will cover his vet bills so far. Gold is looking for a companion home! To see more pictures of Gold, check out his album on Facebook. Can you help us help more horses like Gold?

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