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Forever Home or Sponsor Wanted!

Izzy Foaled 2006, 15.1 hand, Bay, Quarter Horse, Mare 978lbs (4/8/18)

Izzy is looking for her forever home! Izzy was at the feed lot and getting ready to be shipped to slaughter. One woman fell in love with this girl and just could not let her be sent to her death! The woman paid the feed lot bill herself; she even got the transport to bring Izzy to us! We will help this healthy, rideable, beautiful, sweet girl get strong! Izzy came to us very frightened and head shy. She is beautiful and healthy, but we had to get her over her fears. She is getting better every day and now lets Alex rub her most days. She is rideable; the only issue we have seen is she does not want to be approached at her head and fears that someone will have hard hands on the bit. We can walk up and touch her shoulder and catch her that way. She is beautiful and healthy, and even a bit fat now! She needs to get job! She is a bit nervous at first but after she realizes we are not going to hurt her she settles down and goes to work! She is such a sweet girl, she just must get her fear of what her former owner did to her so that she can trust we will not do those things! Izzy has been going great and is now the star of pony rides! The kids love her, and she has been wonderful! Izzy needs a home or a sponsor and dedicated volunteer to work with her training! To see all of Izzy's great pictures, please check out her photo album on Facebook.

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