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Dunn, Quarter Horse, Mare

AQHA Registration # 4999643

Foaled 5/15/2007 in West Virginia

Katie is available for adoption to an advanced handler or trainer. She is a dominant mare and required advanced ground handling at this time. Katie's owner passed away unexpectedly. Her children live across the country and were doing their best to find Katie a good place. They moved her to boarding facilities, but things were not working out. It is just too hard to care for a horse that is across the country from you, and they wanted to do the right thing for Katie. They even had her trained. Katie needed someone here to help find her forever home and so the asked Pasture Pals ER for help. Katie Came to PPER 5/1/17. She is a very loving mare, but needs a lot more training. She has been a back yard pet her entire life and never asked to do much except be pretty. She is also learning how to be around other horses and part of a herd. Katie has had a very ruff few months and she needs consistent care and some retraining. To see more pictures of Katie, check out her album on Facebook!

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