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Little Joe

Permanent Resident

Little Joe, Foaled 8/4/2012, Gray Spotted, Mini Donkey, Gelding 36.5 inches, 256lbs (1/25/19)

Keith bought Little Joe to keep him from going to auction and is keeping him as a petting zoo pet for now. This little guy was purchased when he was a weanling and grew up with horses. He grew into quite the air horn, and his owner just couldn't live with her little guardian alarm system anymore. She wanted him gone. Keith saw that Little Joe was going to go to auction and needed a home fast, so went to get him. Little Joe came home with Keith to PPER on 12/2/17. He has some pretty bad halter scars form his halter being left on and too tight for some time, and he had never had a hoof trim. Little Joe was scared of the pigs and not sure about the goat, but he is getting used to us now. He likes attention and just found out what ear rubs are all about. Little Joe would love a dedicated volunteer to work with his training. To see all pictures of Little Joe, check out his album on Facebook!

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