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Sponsor Wanted!

foaled 9/2/1993, Flea Bitten Gray, Arabian Mare, 15 hands, 710lbs (4/30/21)

Arrived at PPER 9/7/20

Mj's owner had some tough decisions to make, when she was losing her home after her husband passed. She first tried to rehome Mj, Bear and Gus and when she could not she contacted PPER. The little guys were both frightened of people at first, but MJ was wonderful and loaded just great. She likes to be where she can see the boys and does not like being in the stall for too long. They are all bonded, they boys a bit more than MJ. Once they have all made new friend and are healthy, they will most likely be available for adoption. First order of business was to get their hooves trimmed and get them on a diet! Both of these boys are obese, Mj is at a good weight but under muscled. They are doing well in the yard with Fritz, Little Joe and Eli.

Right now MJ need a sponsor for HER care and dedicated volunteers to work with her! To see all pictures of this lovely mare, check out her album on Facebook!

Adopt, Volunteer, Sponsor, Donate!

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