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24? year old, Black? , 15.3 hands, arrived at PPER at 909lbs (5-9-21)

Mystic is a 24? year old, Black? , 15.3 hands, when she arrived she was only 909lbs (5-9-21) Emaciated, anemic, terrified and tired. The Coggins says Quarter Horse, The owner said Thoroughbred, We are not sure what she is because at the auctions they will put quarter horse on anything they don't know what it is. She is registered as she has a lip tattoo but we cannot read it.

A woman who had purchased a quarter horse over the internet from an auction, sight un seen. She new she was way over her head, when Mystic arrived and was in such bad condition. OTTB named Six Sixty, but that would make her only 16! After a month or so of trying to help her, she brought her to PPER. As soon as we saw Mystic, we knew she was no 16 yr old and that she was in worse shape then the photos they sent showed.

We named her Mystic, because she is a survivor and a mystery. If only we could learn the knowledge and history in her eyes!

She is a good girl and is very patient with us poking and prodding to try to help her. Her eyes are a little brighter now and she has claimed the Quarantine stall as her own. She is slowly gaining some weight but needs a lot of groceries and time. We will do everything we can to get her happy and healthy here at PPER!

Can You Help Us Help Mystic?!

She is needs lots of special feed, vet and farrier care, and a sponsor to help with her rehabilitation. Mystic also needs a dedicated volunteer.

Adopt! Sponsor! Volunteer! Donate!

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