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foaled 7-9-19, Gray Dunn, small mammoth/large standard, donkey, Gelding (John), 13 hands (and growing), 495lbs 4/30/21

Phileman will be available for adoption after he has his hooves trimmed and has some training! Phileman came to us, because this little big buy just would not stay home! He kept getting out of all of the fences and finally the owner realized that she just could not keep him in. It was a choice between letting animal control pick him up running around the neighborhood or calling PPER. They called us and Phileman came to PPER 1/9/21

Phileman had not had any vet or farrier care. We checked his age by his baby teeth, as he does not have a single adult tooth; he should be under 2 years old. He is an absolutely lovable baby! He doesn't know how to lead, but is working on it and doing well. He doesn't understand personal space at all and loves to get right in your face! And needs to gain a bunch of weight! We got his vet evaluation as well as shots and Coggin's, now for teaching him to pick up his feet for farrier care! To see all photos of Phileman, check out his album on Facebook!

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