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Foaled 2011, Sorrel, Small Shetland Pony, Gelding

Red came to PPER form an at risk situation emergency pick up on 9/30/20. Red was at the grandma's house for the grandkids "for a few years", then he went to live at the grand kids house. Over the year or so he was there, something happened that caused some serious behavior problems and Dad wanted him gone or else! We of course went to get Red.

Red is healthy if quite a bit overweight. He also has old halter scars on his face. He can be a sweet pony and does pretty well most of the time. But if he smells a girl, he loses his mind. Thus we need to do a test for testosterone, just in case there is something hidden in his belly (cryptorchid) causing him to act so much like a stallion. Next behavior issue is if you pull on his mane at all you can expect a nip or worse a double barrel kick. By the condition of his main, we suspect little hands may have tried to "pull" his main or a least did not know how to brush it without pulling it out. Either way we need to do our own nipping and nip that behavior in the bud. We are working with Red losing some weight and found he can also be a bit food aggressive.

These are certainly bad behaviors, however they do not deserve a possible death sentence, so we are very glad we were able to take Red in. Unfortunately, he unexpectedly picked a fight with a hinny that is half again his size and he lost, so he is getting some medical attention for some bad bites. He will be fine. Hopefully we will find out if his "Stallion" behavior is hormone or lack of training caused soon. Red will eventually be up for adoption once we have his behavior issues under control. For now Red needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with him. To see more pictures of Red, check out his album on Facebook!

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