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Foaled 2006?, Fleabitten Gray, Quarterhorse, 16 hands, 1142lbs (12/26/20)

Remi will not be up for adoption until after his vet check and evaluation! Remi's owner contacted us, desperate to find placement for him. They were moving out of the country and could not take him with them. It seems they purchased Remi from a local horse trader that buys horses and uses them for trail riding and camps, then sells them. Though Remi was very much loved, they could not quite figure out how to help him heal from some hoof issues that they did not know he had when they purchased him. His owners had tried to sell him for less then what they paid to no avail. Finally they decided to Sponsor Remi to come to PPER! We happened to have a space and knowing where Remi came from we were very motivated to bring him into our program. So now Remi is here at PPER. He is a sweet heart! Beautiful, healthy, in your pocket kind of guy. For now we are just loving him and doing what we can to get him healthy and sound! To see all pictures of this beautiful boy, check out his album on Facebook!

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