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Forever Home Wanted!

Foaled 5/2007, Chestnut, Molly Mule, 14.2 hands, 789 lbs (6/3/17)

Sassy is looking for the right forever home! Keith had agreed to take in the molly mule and a hinny jack, but they had never finalized the arrangements. Then, out of the blue, we got the call for us to pick them up! They had saved the molly mule and hinny from a very bad situation, but did not really know how to care for them. 

Sassy came home with us 5/02/2015. She was sweet, but had never had any vet or farrier care, and no training at all. She was pretty easy going and let Alex pet her and put her halter on. She got her check up and shots. We named her Sassy, because she did not have a name and, well, she is a sassy mule! Sassy now loves attention and comes up to most everyone expecting to be told how pretty she is. She leads well but is a little hard to catch sometimes. Sassy will need a patient owner who is willing to train her before she will be a riding or pulling mule. Sassy is available for adoption to the right home. She needs a dedicated volunteer to help with her training and a sponsor to help with her care! Check out all of Sassy's pictures on her photo album on Facebook.

Sponsor! Adopt! Donate! Volunteer! 

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