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Forever Home or Sponsor Wanted!

Willow, Bay Arabian cross, filly, foaled 11:55pm 3/5/19 at PPER

Becca came to us in foal, but we did not know it! After a few months of rehab we had started testing her to ride and she even did one of the pony ride events, when we realized that she had a baby in there! Becca was in the special needs area for a couple months awaiting her baby. We did not know when she was bred and did not know when the baby would be coming. There were lots of late nights checking on her. Then the donkey jenny Bright Eyes raised up so much noise on 3/5/19 Alex went out to double check, and the baby was coming. A late foaling, the baby was big and the sack was too thick for her to break through. Alex had to rip the sack for her to take her first breath but everything else went just fine and now the baby girl is already running around the yard exploring! Tall and beautiful, this filly is already showing a lot of spunk and personality! She will need a sponsor for her care and a dedicated volunteer for her training and care! To see all photos of Willow, check out her album on Facebook.

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