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Permanent Resident

Foaled 2012, 15 hand, 755lbs (2/4/19), White and Black, Gypsy/Walker, Gelding

Atlas was at the auction in December and a kill buyer was ready to get him. A nice lady stepped in and got him away from them. Atlas was sick, emaciated, and in terrible condition. This lady cleaned him up, fed him, got him over his respiratory illness and started getting him healthy. She knew he needed more space and training, so she gave him to Keith. Atlas in now safe at PPER and did great with his re-feeding diet. He is healthy and his beautiful hair is growing in healthy too. He is a sweet boy and loves attention. We will do everything we can to get him happy and healthy! Atlas gained weight quickly and was at a good weight for us to take him to NCSU for gelding on 4/1/19. He recovered quickly and did great! He is now out in the pasture at West Olive with the other horses. He thinks he is the boss man, but we can tell he is not a true alpha, we're just waiting for a few more hormones and bad stallion habits to go away. To see more pictures of this beautiful boy, check out his album on Facebook!

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