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Our Equines

Listed below are all the equines who call Pasture Pals home. Click on their pictures or names to be linked to their albums on Facebook, where you can see more of each animal and read about them in their album descriptions!

Coyo is not yet ready for adoption. He is estimated at 4 years old, roughly 40inches. He is a white pony stalllion, and deaf. This guy showed up in the yard at PPER in the middle of Halloween night 10/31/22! Gave Alex a bit of a fright thinking our donkeys were out. We knew where he belonged and called them. But they could not keep him in, along with some bad behavior issues and were giving him away. They decided to leave him with us. Coyo is a sweet boy and now that we know he cannot her=ar us, we are learning new ways to teach him. He no longer feels the need to nip or kick to communicate with us and is coming up for scratches and hugs. He loves to smell our faces and give kisses. We do have to be careful with Coyo, as he cannot hear us, we must catch his eye to give him direction or let him know we care coming near him. It is an on going challenge. Coyo is very accepting and happy to learn. He loves to play and has mead lots of friends, Coyo is curious, happy, and is already giving pony rides!


Reba is a blind, and rideable (on flat ground) King Sue Handcock who came to us after her owner went to college and mother felt she could not care for her on her own. She has a seeing companion with Piper, and a Lila (who has started recently having sight troubles), and will need to be adopted with one of them. Our vet informed us that the cause of Reba's blindness was due to high blood pressure and intense barrell racing. She is sweet and quick to warm up, has plenty of riding time under her belt, just needs a home where they will know Rebas limits and love her big.


Lila (Lily), black and white pinto, miniature horse, mare Foaled 2012? Blind in one eye Lila came to us along with her companions Reba and Piper on 4/2/2024 because her owners were suffering serious medical issues and could no longer care for them. Lila has halter scars because her halter has been left on her, she had been rescued from a bad situation but has been untouchable and uncatchable. We have a lot of work to do with Lila to teach her to trust humans and to get that halter off of her. She also has some lumps on her abdomen that I am concerned with and so it makes it somewhat of an urgent need to catch her to examine her. We will also age her by her teeth once we do have Hands-On. Lila will need a serious dedicated volunteer for her training and a sponsor for her care. Can you help us help Lila? Donate or sponsor Lila with Venmo, PayPal, Cash app, Zelle @pasturepalser

Screenshot 2024-06-03 135746.png

Piper came to us as one of Rebas companion, along with Lila, a very sweet girl and has quite the crush on Bert.


Tango, (AQHA/APHA registered Sorry Charlie but we do not have papers) foaled 2/16/08, Sorrel, 16.1 hand, Quarterhorse, Gelding, 1017lbs (6/3/20) Sound W/T/C sound. Tango was breed and raised to be a hunter jumper or eventer. He was well trained, healthy and a beautiful mover at Walk/Trot/ Canter. Unfortunately Jumping is just not for him! So the original owner got him gelded and sold him to a lady who was boarding at their barn. Being a gelding that still thinks your a stallion can lead to trouble and he was not getting along with the other horses. The new owner was forces to move him and that is how he ended up at PPER on Christmas Eve 2019. He is a in your pocket kind of guy and loves attention. He is very good for grooming and hoof care. Being healthy and sound, it was not long before Tango went out to the West Olive Pasture. Being newly gelded they had told us he was not good with mares and had only ever lived with gelding, we made the decision to let one of our "dominant" mares that were a bit bigger then him give him some horse manners. People cannot teach horse manner, it require a horse to truly teach another horse how to behave in a herd. We put Tango in with the 2 OTB mares Babe and Treasure and are happy to report that he is minding his manners now. Tango went out n the pasture with a mixed herd and is doing just fine. We have tested Tango and we is a beautiful mover at Walk Trot Canter. We are not sure if he has ever been ridden on trails, but we doubt it. He seams like an arena kind of guy. Tango is not a jumper. Help Us Help Them! Adopt! Sponsor! Donate! Volunteer! Share!


Foaled 2017? Sorrel, John Mule Available for adoption to the right home.


Bert, foaled 2016, Spotted Grey, Small Standard, Donkey, John, 10.2 hands (42 inches) 2/26/22 Bert will need more rehabilitation and hoof care. For now he will be going back to the special needs area and be a companion for Fritz, while he gets healthier and happier. Two donkeys were found in a man's cow pasture. He had dogs and did not want donkeys, but when he saw that Bert had 9 inch curled up hooves and Ernie was not much better, he decided he needed to try to help them. He managed to cut 8 inches off of Bert's hooves. Unfortunately Ernie had busted his right eyebrow. The man called PPER and we came as quickly as possible bringing Bert and Ernie back to PPER on 1/6/22. The Names Bert and Ernie were chosen by our followers' contributions to the names! Ernie and Bert got their vet checks, shots and Coggin's and Ernie's eyebrow got cleaned and patched up. The antibiotics cleared up the infection, but unfortunately Ernie will always have the sleepy looking eye in his right side, due to the eyebrow being fractured. Bert has foundered in his past life. Trough x-rays we alsofound that the bone in his front right is compromised. We are working on keeping him pain free and getting him more used to being handled. He already likes cookies and back scratches. As long as we can keep Bert comfortable, he will have a life here at PPER. If we cannot control his pain and it keeps him from having a happy life, we will lay Bert to rest.


Benny, Foaled 5/10/2019?, Black and White, American Miniature, Dwarf, Gelding 42 inches (10.2 hands), 241lbs (6/9/21) Benny went home with Alex to be a companion for Blaze. We were contacted by Benny's owner. She had purchased him from a kill lot in another state and had decided she no longer wanted him. She brought Benny to us on 6/3/21 Benny is an older mini. He has been very fat at some time in his life as he has a huge fat crest. A fat crest happens when an equine becomes so obese that fat stores on the neck and this will never go away, even if the animal is starved. Benny's fat crest became so big that it "broke over" meaning that it literally was so heavy that it fell over to the side of his neck. We also noticed right away that Benny has bowed front legs and large knees. We believe this is a deformity from birth that was only made worse during the time that he was obese. Benny is also very shy and frightened of people, mostly of woman as he does seem more friendly with men. While Benny was at a good weight, when he arrived, we will keep a close eye on him to be sure he does not become overweight again. We don’t know if he will need care for arthritis in his oversized knees. For now, Benny is doing well He is getting along well with the other minis and is getting around well without medication. He is learning that we are not going to hurt him and seems to be a happy boy. Once we have him catchable and he can walk on a lead rope, Benny will be available for adoption as a companion only. Benny will need x-rays of his legs and an evaluation to be sure he is can be maintained as pasture sound. Benny needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with. Benny needs a forever home and is available for adoption!


7-year-old John Hinny, Tan Dune (Gelding) His owner contacted Unicorn Express to bring him to PPER on 07/16/23. He had no training, and his tail was matted, and very scared f people. If you are on horseback, he will come up to you. He appears to be curious about people and has come along way of his fear of people on the ground, but still needs a lot of patience. Zeke is beautiful, well built and has enormous potential, but has to overcome his fear of people. We hope to gentle him for grooming and possibly teach him to ride or drive. Zeke needed shots, coggins, and hoof care which will have to be done under sedation. We will check his teeth to confirm his age. Zeke needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer for his training. He is looking for a mule trainer or a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer for his training. To donate to Zeke’s care, donate with PayPal, Zelle and Venmo @PasturePalsER. Help Us Help Them! Adopt! Sponsor! Donate! Volunteer, Share!


Thunder (Thunderbolt), 20s?, Black, American Small Pony, Gelding, here with a fresh hair cut. Thunder and Silver’s former owner was a pony breeder and Thunder was one of his studs. Their owner knew he was dying and sold off all his other animals and ponies. Unfortunately, their owner passed before he found them a home. The owner’s daughter contacted us because she was having to sell the property for expenses and needed somewhere for the ponies to go. Alex and Keith went to pick them up on 07/29/23. Neither had ever been in a trailer. They were born and grew up where they were living. The Owner had had them castrated before his death. He is malnourished and his hooves are in bad shape. He has broken teeth and appears to have an abscessed tooth. He is trained to ride, likes attention and will seek it out. Walks well on a lead line and picks up all four feet. Thunder needs shots, coggins, teeth floating/possible tooth extraction, and hoof care. We have him on a refeeding diet and are wetting his food. We have a vet coming to examine him. Thunder’s veterinary care will require a lot of funds to cover. He needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with him. To donate to Thunder’s care we take PayPal, Zelle and Venmo @PasturePalsER. Help Us Help Them! Adopt! Sponsor! Donate! Volunteer, Share!

Tango Bey_edited.jpg

Double Registered American Miniature Horse. Too small to be ridden but has shown in Halter and Driving classes. Loves attention and will fallow you to get your attention. Easy to catch, Stands for the vet and Farrier. Up to date on Shots and Coggins. Bonded with her father River Dance. They can be separated for short periods of time and are not buddy sour, however they are bonded and will show signs of distress if separated for long periods of time, so they must be adopted together. Tango Bey and River Dance are looking for their forever home! They need sponsor(s) for their care and dedicated volunteer(s) for their training. Adopt, Sponsor, Donate, Volunteer, Share!

River Dance_edited.jpg

River Dance American Miniature Gelding Born 04/18/2005, 36", 198lbs Registered both in the AMHA and the AMHR River is a sweet loving boy now. He likes scratches, is easy to catch and stands for the vet and the farrier. River is up to date on all shots and Coggins. River is offered for adoption with his daughter Tango as they have been together since her birth. Both are show quality and have shown and brought home ribbons. They could go back to showing, make great pets, or both, They are too small for riding, but can easy be a team to pull a cart.

Southern Belle_edited.jpg

Southern Belle, Foaled 10/20/2017, Appaloosa, American miniature, mare Southern Belle and Mini Mae were found tied to one of our safety net members fences. Those members took them in and did the best they could but their halters were grown into their faces, and they were bony. She tried her best to get them back to health but she was in no condition to keep them. And so she called us. We picked up Southern Belle and Minnie Mae and brought them to pass the PPER a few days later. Southern belle was known to kick and bite however she is not shown any of those behaviors here. They definitely have not been handled whereas Southern Belle is a bit more friendly she will require quite a bit of training. With overgrown feet and lack of training. We first called the vet for evaluation they got their shots and coggins and she got her first hoof trim under sedation. We are working on getting southern belle to be more trusting and she will allow us to rub her at this time. She can be somewhat difficult to catch. She appears to be fairly healthy and in pretty good shape. But she will require a lot of training and care. Would you like to help Southern Belle? Sponsor or donate to her care at PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App @pasturepalser Adopt! Sponsor! Donate! Volunteer!


Mini Mae, 23-year-old, palomino, deformed dwarf Shetland pony, mare Mini Mae and southern belle were found tied to one of our safety net member's fence. They were abandoned there because she used to be a rescue. They were in terrible condition with halters growing into their faces and bony. She did her best to take them in and get them healthy but she is in no condition to keep them and so being one of our safety net members, she called us and we went to pick up Mini Mae and Southern Belle. Mini Mae has a facial deformity she has teeth that are too big for her mouth and they have created almost a double set of teeth on her bottom jaw. We have had her teeth floated and are doing the best we can to get her out of pain. With overgrown feet and apparently no training whatsoever she ran the fields with horses and has been very difficult to catch and care for. We have had her evaluated by the vet and her teeth say she is between 20 and 25 years old. She has her shots and coggins and has had her first hoof trim under sedation. We will continue to work with mini Mae and get her so that she will allow us to handle her. She finally has come around to the point where she will allow Alex to rub her and love on her some but she is very timid. Would you like to help us help her? Sponsor mini Mae or donate to her care at Paypal, venmo, cash app, zelle to @paturepalser


2012, Sorrel, American Mini, Mare, We are told she is papered but we do not have them. Stella came to us via a former volunteer. The former volunteer had gotten her from a farmer who did not give her vet or farrier care. Poor Stella's hooves were horribly overgrown and she had not been handled much. The volunteer hired a farrier but he apparently did not know what to do with her hooves. Stella developed a really bad attitude toward the volunteer, most likely form the pain she was in. We also found she had horrible points on her teeth. We have gotten her shots and coggins, gotten her teeth floated, and put her on our low carb, high protein, high fat diet. Stella walks well even with her feet so duckbilled. On our next farrier visit we will see what we can do to get her more comfortable and start her hooves on the track to recovery. Stella needs a sponsor for her care and a dedicated volunteer to work with her. Can you help us help Stella? Donate to her care by PayPal, Venom, Cash App, or Zelle to @PasturePalsER


Foaled 6/8/2015, White, Small Standard, Donkey, Jenny 12 hands, 434lbs (6/3/20) Keith Daniels Bought Bright Eyes from the farm. Bright eyes came to PPER to be boarded after she was paid for By Keith Daniels. This donkey came from a local farm. The farm owner bought some donkeys as guard animals for his cows. He did not know that they require the same hoof care and vetting that a horse needs. He ended up with more donkeys then cows, and so we did what we could to find homes for some of them. Bright eyes had some challenges. She had several infected bites, was badly in need of a hoof trim, and had some really bad sunburn. She was curious and studied us a lot, but still could not bring herself to let us rub, It took a while and I was able to just stroke he nose a little right at first, and she did come up for treats and feed. I was not long before she realized that we are the best back scratchers in the world. We took it slow and easy. After a few weeks, her bites and sunburn were healing nicely and she was eating well. Bright eyes is now letting us scratch her and takes treats! She has starting to like her people time too! She now walk pretty well on the lead and does well for the vet and farrier.


Chester White, Standard, Donkey, Gelding, 451lbs (6/3/20), 12.2 hands Foaled 7/4/2011 in North Carolina (by Bill of Sale) Keith was selling some truck tires, when guy called offering a White Standard Donkey in trade. Of course Chester (along with Dash) came home to us on 10/11/12. Chester is my first long ear and He will not be available for adoption! Chester has a job ad one of our herd protectors, but he would love something more. I love this little mischievous boy! Chester would love to find someone to play with him and give him a job to do. Chester is looking for a DEDICATED VOLUNTEER to help with his training and play with him and a SPONSOR to help with his care costs.


NOT FOR ADOPTION! Foaled 4/14/04, Bay, OTT, Gelding, 16.2 hands, 1142 lbs (7/19/20) Jockey Club Registration 0432305 Henry is rehabbing and will not be available for adoption. He was adopted 3 times and returned 3 times in poor hoof/health condition. Henry was let down by people 4 times, we will not allow him to be let down by humans a 5th time. Henry Came to Pasture Pals ER 5/12/16 Henry is an upper level dressage blue ribbon winner. He was purchased to be an eventer. Unfortunately, Henry was injured on vacation running in the sand in Florida. His injury is now healed and he was sound, before he was adopted! Unfortunately we have allowed Henry to be adopted 3 different times and all three time the people refused to follow the recommended feeding and supplement routines and he was returned with bad hooves and the last time half starved. Henry is a good boy and has always been a gentleman. He would love to go back to Dressage and feels most comfortable in the arena. He also would be great for Hunter on the flats, and he does just fine in trail riding. Henry is just an over all a great guy it is heart breaking that all these humans cannot be trusted and did not care enough to take proper care of him. He will never again be adopted after 4 different people let him down we will not take the chance on a 5th! Henry is a sweet natured gentleman and loves to be groomed. We hope Henry will return to dressage and would make an excellent lesson horse, should we get a volunteer that wanted to work with a dedicate to him. Henry is rehabbing and will not be available for adoption. He was adopted 3 times and returned 3 times in poor hoof/health condition. Henry was let down by people 4 times, we will not allow him to be let down by humans a 5th time.


Eli, Foaled 1994, 15.2 hand (62 inches), 818lbs (4/30/21) , Black, Mammoth Donkey, Gelding Eli is not up for adoption. This sweet boy is the biggest donkey I have had the pleasure to meet in person! Eli's owners were both in the hospital when I got the call from their daughter. She lives in Florida and her parents were not expected to return home. She knew she had to find someplace for Eli and his little donkey companions Pepe and Cletus. There was no time for looking for a new home. Unfortunately one of the owners passed away on Saturday and the placement became even more urgent. So we came to get them on 4/21/20. Eli has a few issues. The vet says he is "morbidly obese" and needs to be on a serious diet immediately. Along with that he has some pretty bad summer sores along with sweet itch, rain rot and lice. His coat is badly matted and he is very uncomfortable. Good thing is all of those things are fixable! He is extremely sweet and loves to be rubbed on. But Eli is afraid of everything Including the meds we need to put on his summer sores! It will take a lot of short sections of working on the mats to get the old matted hair off and see what is underneath. Also he is terrified of the sound of a spray bottle and scissors, we will be working with creams to try to clear up most of his sores and get his skin conditions under control as well as the bugs! Eli needs a lot of physical rehabilitation as well as training. He loves scratches and ear rubs and talks to us while we are getting his feed, but he runs scared of everything! Desensitizing and slow methodical care is needed for this amazing boy! We worked with Eli a lot and had to put him in the shoot to get him still enough to treat all of his sores and get him groomed properly. He never offered to kick or bite, even though he was scared to death. Eli is such a good boy and is getting better every day! Eli needs your help! He needs a vet evaluation and meds to heal his old summer sores and possibly remove a growth on his armpit. Eli's summer sores have healed nicely, unfortunately we still have to keep an eye out for them because his healing skin is still thin. His hair has grown back in all of his bald spots and he is looking shiny and healthy now. We do not believe we will need to remove the fatty tuner he has on his side, but we will continue to monitor it to be sure it is not growing or causing any pain. We are still working on his weight issues, because well he is a food thief! Eli is working on learning some ground manners and being desensitized to everything! The only things he ever knew were in the back yard of his owner's house, so you can imagine how new and sometimes overwhelming things can be. Isn't Eli the most handsome giant donkey you've ever seen! He is such a love bug! Eli is now our Greeter and absolutely loves the Open House events the third weekend of each month, when he gets to mug everyone for their cookies and love of all the babies! Eli needs a Sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with him! Can you help us help Eli? Donate to Eli's care on Facebook, just click the donate button! or PayPal to Or go to the Donate/Sponsor page of our website! Help Us Help Them!


Atlas, foaled 2012, 15.1 hand, 803lbs (5/31/20), White and Black, Gypsy/Walker, Gelding Atlas is not going to be adopted out, as he is a resident. Atlas was at the auction in December and a kill buyer was ready to get him. A nice lady stepped in and got him away from them. Atlas was sick, emaciated, and in terrible condition. This lady cleaned him up, fed him, got him over his respiratory illness and started getting him healthy. She knew he needed someone who new how to rehab and train him, so she gave him to Keith. on 2/3/19 Atlas in now safe at PPER and did great with his refeeding diet. He is healthy and his beautiful hair is growing in healthy too. He is a sweet boy and loves attention. We will do everything we can to get him happy and healthy! Atlas gained weight quickly and was at a good weight for us to take him to NCSU for gelding on 4/1/19. He recovered quickly and did great! He is now out in the pasture at West Olive with the other horses. He thinks he is the boss man, but we can tell he is not a true alpha. Atlas is sweet and is doing well with his groundwork. He is also now the star of pony rides, and we are working on training to ride.


Spirit, TriPaint, Quarter horse, Mare, Foaled 3/13/12 15.3 hands, 1045lbs (2/26/22) Spirit repossessed 1/24/22 Not available for adoption. Vet will be out Thursday, it is not good. When we went to get Lady, we found out she had a filly by her side. We could not get them the same day, Spirit came home with us a couple days after her momma. Spirit is high spirited as her name suggests. She is also a beautiful mover with great confirmation. Spirit just came home from over a month of Saddle training at Shady Brook Stables. She worked her first Pony Rides fundraiser and did great. Unfortunately shortly there after, Spirit jumped the fence out of her pasture and into the woods, where she damaged her leg. Spirit is recovering for an injury. The vets said she would recover, but that is was going to take a lot of care. During her time being stalled for her recovery, Spirit kicked her way out of her stall and fractured the already damaged leg. The fracture required surgery. Though Spirit will live and may eventually be able to be lightly ridden, she will most likely never be the beautiful mover or all around horse she was. Spirit needs a sponsor for her care and a dedicated volunteer! Help Us Help Them! Adopt, Volunteer, Sponsor, Donate, Share!


Blaze, born at PPER on 5/6/17 White over Sorrel, Blue eyed, Mini Paint, Filly 30 inches (still growing), 149lbs (4/30/21) Sophia is her Mommy and Snow her father. We had Sophia on Baby watch for a long time, not knowing how far along she was or when she was due to foal. Most Foals come at 2 or 3am, but Not Princess Blaze! She came right at noon! Princess Blaze is a little spit fire, following Keith the first time he rubbed her and running and bucking within 24 hours of her birth. She is a doing just fine, and love attention, but is not at all fond of standing still for anything! Blaze has grown into a beautiful little mare. She loves attention and loves showing off, she still does not love training direction and though she leads well is still working on putting up with the vet and especially the farrier care! If Blaze is ever going to be a good little Ambassador to go out in the community visiting, she must learn to control her temper! In the meantime, she is the star of the Petting Zoo and loves all of the attention for visitor to PPER. Blaze is going to be staying on at PPER as a Petting Zoo favorite and an ambassador for Pasture Pals ER!


Fritz, Brown, 35 inch, Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, Gelding, 225 lbs (4/30/21) Foaled 9/3/2003 in North Carolina (by registration), Registration # 40000 Permanent Resident Not for adoption The man said "If you come and get them you can have them". He just wanted them out of his yard. So Fritz and Hans came to live with us (along with Casey) on 10/26/12. Fritz is our little boss man. He is loving and loves his attention. Fritz has been ridden by 2yr old children. He just loves being loved and asks for attention all the time. He is a great little guard Donkey and should be working as a show Donkey. Fritz is one of our Permanent Residents at Pasture Pals ER and our guard donkey in one of the pastures at West Olive. Fritz would love a DEDICATED VOLUNTEER to put him to work and a SPONSOR to help with his feed and care expenses.

Other Critters

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