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18-year-old, Black and White, American Miniature, Dwarf, Gelding

42 inches (10.2 hands), 241lbs (6/9/21)

Benny needs a forever home and is available for adoption!

We were contacted by Benny's owner. She had purchased him from a kill lot in another state and had decided she no longer wanted him. She brought Benny to us on 6/3/21.

Benny is an older mini. He has been very fat at some time in his life as he has a huge fat crest. A fat crest happens when an equine becomes so obese that fat stores on the neck and this will never go away, even if the animal is starved. Benny's fat crest became so big that it "broke over" meaning that it literally was so heavy that it fell over to the side of his neck. We also noticed right away that Benny has bowed front legs and large knees. We believe this is a deformity from birth that was only made worse during the time that he was obese.

Benny is also very shy and frightened of people, mostly of woman as he does seem more friendly with men. While Benny was at a good weight, when he arrived, we will keep a close eye on him to be sure he does not become overweight again.

We don’t know if he will need care for arthritis in his oversized knees. For now, Benny is doing well He is getting along well with the other minis and is getting around well without medication. He is learning that we are not going to hurt him and seems to be a happy boy. Once we have him catchable and he can walk on a lead rope, Benny will be available for adoption as a companion only.

Benny will need x-rays of his legs and an evaluation to be sure he is can be maintained as pasture sound. Benny needs a sponsor for his care and a dedicated volunteer to work with.

Can you help us help horses like Benny? 

Adopt! Sponsor! Donate! Volunteer!

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