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Ambassador & Permanent Resident - Sponsor Wanted!

Born at PPER at 12 noon 5/6/17 White over Sorrel, Blue eyed, Mini Paint, Filly 29 inches (still growing), 118lbs (3/28/19)

Blaze is not for adoption! Blaze is petting zoo favorite and a great ambassador here at PPER. Sophia is her mother and Snow her father. We had Sophia on baby watch for a long time, not knowing how far along she was or when she was due to foal. Most foals come at 2 or 3 in the morning, but not Princess Blaze! She came right at noon! Princess Blaze is a little spit fire, following Keith the first time he rubbed her and running and bucking within 24 hours of her birth. She is a doing just fine and loves attention, but she is not at all fond of standing still for anything! Sophia is a good mommy and Princess Blaze is doing great! If you would like to see more pictures of this adorable girl, please check out her album on Facebook! Can you help us help more minis like Blaze?

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