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Bright Eyes

Permanent Resident

Foaled 6/8/2015, White, Small Standard, Donkey, Jenny 11.1 hands, 364lbs (7/8/17)

Keith Daniels bought Bright Eyes from a farm. She is a boarded resident and not available for adoption. Bright Eyes came to PPER to be boarded after she was paid for by Keith Daniels. This donkey came from a local farm. The farm owner bought some donkeys as guard animals for his cows. He did not know that they require the same hoof care and vetting that a horse needs. He ended up with more donkeys than cows, and so we did what we could to find homes for some of them. Bright Eyes had some challenges. She had several infected bites, was badly in need of a hoof trim, and had some really bad sunburn. She was curious and studied us a lot, but still could not bring herself to let us rub her. It took a while and Alex was able to just stroke her nose a little right at first as she did come up for treats and feed. It was not long before she realized that we are the best back scratchers in the world. We took it slow and easy. After a few weeks, her bites and sunburn were healing nicely and she was eating well. Bright Eyes now lets us scratch her and takes treats! She has started to like her people time too! Bright Eyes still needs a dedicated volunteer for her training and just to love her! To see more pictures, please check out her album on Facebook.

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