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Step By Step: How To Adopt from Pasture Pals

Here is your step by step guide for how to adopt from Pasture Pals Equine Rescue! Please carefully read and follow all steps if you would like to adopt an animal.

Step one: Find Your Friend!

You can see all available equines on the website under "Our Equines"; you can also check out all of our equines on Facebook. All equines have an album that tell more information about them, tell if they are looking for a home, and show all of their photos. Just click on "Photos" and then on "See All Albums"--or take this link there!

Step Two: Paperwork

Please read through our one page adoption agreement, and then sign our adoption guidelines and the adoption application. All of these and an explanation of our fees and the requirements to adopt can be found on our adoption page here on this website.

Step Three: Photos

Take pictures of the pasture, the shelter, the fencing, and all herdmates of where you plan to keep the animal you hope to adopt.

Step Four: Email It To Us!

Email the signed adoption guidelines and application form from step two along with all of the pictures from step three to

Step Five: Make Adoption Appointment

To schedule an appointment to meet the animal you are interested in or to take the tour to meet all of the animals at PPER, email 

Step Six: Wait!

Once your application is approved, you have met the animal(s) you are interested in, and when you are sure you have found a good fit, and we see if you and they are a good fit, then you can adopt! It can take a little time for an adoption to be approved.

Step Seven: Under Adoption Contract

After the application is approved and you're cleared as a good fit with the animal(s), you can make a 25% down payment on the animal(s) you are adopting. All ads for adoption are then pulled, and the Facebook album and file are marked as Under Adoption Contract.

After that, you can make arrangements to have your adopted animal(s) picked up or delivered and for you to sign the contract and pay the balance of the adoption fee.

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