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Letters from Adopters


Claudia C

Read up and see all the hard work Alex Daniels and Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc. has done for Dottie. We can help ourselves. We can make conscious choices for our decisions. But if we don't know about something educate yourself. You don't have to go to college to pick up a book. Once upon a time, Dottie had a good owner. But when he had a stroke and asked his daughter to take care of his horses, she should have said no or educated herself. A horse , or animal or a child should never have to suffer. 
 Humans can be the worst predators. I think if this is how someone can treat a horse, than I can't imagine how they treat themselves. And then there are people like Alex and Keith and their volunteers Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc. Kind humans that genuinely care for the welfare of animals. They give them a voice. They bring them back to life. Please check out what they do to make our world a better place. It is not easy work, but they do excellent work. They are Love. Alex has been a wonderful guide in this journey. I arrived with possibility of leasing Dottie and fell in love. We moved Dottie Monday and I am beside myself. She will be my first horse. Alex has been extremely helpful in properly educating me on the needs of horses. She has some wonderful volunteers that help her care for the animals. It really takes someone with a big heart and the ability to not attach to the cruelty of humans to still want to work with people after what some of the rescues have been thru at the hands of their original humans. Her love for and the welfare of the animals at Pasture Pals by far exceeded any organization I have known. It is about the animals. Us humans are only lucky to get to be in their lives. Thank you Alex and Keith for being a voice for these majestic beings. You make a difference in this world. Thank you:)

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