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Letters from Adopters


Claudia C

Read up and see all the hard work Alex Daniels and Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc. has done for Dottie. We can help ourselves. We can make conscious choices for our decisions. But if we don't know about something educate yourself. You don't have to go to college to pick up a book. Once upon a time, Dottie had a good owner. But when he had a stroke and asked his daughter to take care of his horses, she should have said no or educated herself. A horse , or animal or a child should never have to suffer. 
 Humans can be the worst predators. I think if this is how someone can treat a horse, than I can't imagine how they treat themselves. And then there are people like Alex and Keith and their volunteers Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc. Kind humans that genuinely care for the welfare of animals. They give them a voice. They bring them back to life. Please check out what they do to make our world a better place. It is not easy work, but they do excellent work. They are Love. Alex has been a wonderful guide in this journey. I arrived with possibility of leasing Dottie and fell in love. We moved Dottie Monday and I am beside myself. She will be my first horse. Alex has been extremely helpful in properly educating me on the needs of horses. She has some wonderful volunteers that help her care for the animals. It really takes someone with a big heart and the ability to not attach to the cruelty of humans to still want to work with people after what some of the rescues have been thru at the hands of their original humans. Her love for and the welfare of the animals at Pasture Pals by far exceeded any organization I have known. It is about the animals. Us humans are only lucky to get to be in their lives. Thank you Alex and Keith for being a voice for these majestic beings. You make a difference in this world. Thank you:)


Claudia C (Part Two)

Alex has been a wonderful guide in this journey. I arrived with possibility of leasing Dottie and fell in love. We moved Dottie Monday and I am beside myself. She will be my first horse. Alex has been extremely helpful in properly educating me on the needs of horses. She has some wonderful volunteers that help her care for the animals. It really takes someone with a big heart and the ability to not attach to the cruelty of humans to still want to work with people after what some of the rescues have been thru at the hands of their original humans. Her love for and the welfare of the animals at Pasture Pals by far exceeded any organization I have known. It is about the animals. Us humans are only lucky to get to be in their lives. Thank you Alex and Keith for being a voice for these majestic beings. You make a difference in this world. Thank you:)



About two years ago I was experiencing some big upheavals in my life and was a general contractor and looking to find a new way in which to live. I was fortunate enough in my searching to find the means to do this through horse and embarked on my journey. Suffice it to say, and gladly so, this journey will never end. I was excited to find a coach and mentor who was working with horses and people doing personal and professional coaching. Delving into this, I was fascinated and amazed at the power this interaction held for both person and horse, I was hooked. 
 For the last two years I have been training and learning from my coach and mentor and establishing my practice of personal and professional coaching centered around equipping interaction. We have had two horses come into our life along this journey, Lady who is a 22 year old Tennessee Walker, and Levi who is a 10 year old Quarter Horse. Both are amazing personalities and coaches. 
 When it was time to start the search to expand our herd and look for horses to work with there was unfortunately no shortage of horses looking for their forever home. I looked and looked and then one day came across Jessie. May sound far fetched, but there was something in her eyes. We took a trip out to meet her and was just taken by her presence and instantly felt a connection. I must say, that connection has continued as she has settled in here.


Bernard (Part Two)

Jessie has made a strong connection with Lady. I find them most days standing right next to each other and touching most of the time. I find Jessie with her head on Lady's back and withers as if nuzzling her. Where one goes, the other follows. I rarely find them separated. The enjoy time at our one splashing and actually splashing each other it seems. 
 We have had some meetings on site for other coaches and professionals that are interested in the work I am doing here and she has shown a propensity and curiosity for the work. The latest one I had decided to have Lady and Jessie in the round pen next to where we were meeting and when I brought the group up to introduce she was incredibly curious, approaching the group and holding space as a coach would for a client. It was quite impressive.
 Jessie and I continue to establish our bond and connection. My guess is she is not very trustful of men, but has accepted me and bridge that distrust. She allows me to stand next to her at feeding time and is quite accepting of me being there. Accepting a halter from me was a hesitation for her at first, but we have crossed that line together as well. She does like her rump scratched, there is no doubt of that.
 Jessie seems quite comfortable here with her horse and human herd and eager to work with people and the work we are doing here. I believe she holds and amazing energy and ability to show her energy for those who are looking for coaching and improvement in their lives.
 We are just so pleased she is here.



I found Pasture Pals ER on through their rescue horse ads after looking at different rescues for 6+ months. When I saw Harley's photos, I became interested in his story and knew I had to meet him. When I met Harley, I fell in love with him and knew he was the horse for me. The adoption application was very easy to fill out and the whole process didn't take long. We have had Harley for around a month and a half now. He quickly became a barn favorite. His personality has really came out since he's been with us. He loves to work and tries so hard to please. We are currently training in natural horsemanship and he is doing great with flat work. In the fall we will be starting dressage lessons.


Vanessa K

We have known Pasture Pals Equine Rescue for several years. We volunteered before adopting our boy, Casper. We were excited to watch and learn how to become successful horse owners before adopting. We had no experience! Alex and Keith showed us what dedication it takes, saving the lives and souls of animals. We continue to see all the hard work, sweat, and tears they put into the rescue everyday. They taught us how much time, money, and dedication it takes to helping horses and donkeys. They allowed us to spend as much time we wanted helping or just hanging back watching eagerly. They have shown us what love and patience does!  
 We are so blessed to have found Pasture Pals ER! We found our newest addition to our family. Casper is a healthy fun-loving, half-linger, paint gelding that seems like he was born to be with us. He was from a family that thought feeding honey buns and coca-cola and allowing kids to sit on his back was a good enough life. Until, they were done with that and didn't need him for the grandkids any longer. We now have Casper camping and riding 20 mile trails with a giddy up in his step. We have seen many success stories since being a part of Pasture Pals Equine Rescue family. Ours is just one! We know that all people would give more if they could, but just like any other rescue situation it takes a lot of financial burden and people come and go. We would hope and pray that they could get a break now and again. Just like children, these animals need continuous food, shelter, and care to become healthy family pets. We are so proud to know and be a small part of this amazing family!  
 - Vanessa and Elliott Kling



Being an avid rescuer, it seemed natural that I would rescue when searching for a companion for my horse. We found Pasture Pals ER and Alex spent tons of time learning about our situation and what it was that we were looking for. We went for a visit and for it was obvious how happy it made them to be helping these animals move on to better lives and how grateful they were for any support. Whether it be by adopting, volunteering time or making a donation of any type. Clearly, Alex and Keith were absolutely 100% dedicated to providing for the individual needs of each animal in their care. They don't have big sponsors, or benevolent benefactors, because honestly, I just don't think that they have the time to spend looking for those things. Ultimately the cost of feeding, training and caring for the horses falls on them. Two super caring people with big hearts along with a group of hardworking volunteers and friends that are willing to pitch in along side of them for sake of the horses.  
 We ended up adopting 3 miniature donkeys!!!! "Our girls". Britney, Dollie, and Sadie arrived healthy, happy and well adjusted. I can not express how much we adore them and the joy and fun that they have brought to our lives. Alex has provided ongoing support and information when needed and we feel so lucky to be a part of the Pasture Pals ER family.



6/24/15  This letter is to acknowledge the brave work done by Pasture Pals Equine Rescue. Alex Daniels is the person who manages this Rescue and, from my experience with her, it is obvious that she is committed to the loving care of neglected animals. Due to a minimal budget, this work is a struggle for Alex and her volunteers. I met Alex in March 2015 when my husband and I adopted a miniature donkey as a companion for our aged and lonely horse. Alex was very business-like concerning the application process, adoptee screening, and follow-up after the adoption. She was clear about expectations for the care of the donkey and required us to stay in touch so that our commitment to his care and wellbeing could be monitored. I highly recommend Pasture Pals Equine Rescue. This group will put any gift to the best possible use. Sincerely, Dianne Lawrence



Debra Tatum, MA, LPC NC Board of LPC License #6444 Trauma, Adoption, Family 6658 Flint Hill Rd Sophia, NC 27350 Telephone 828-260-5518 June 23, 2015 To whom it may concern: I came across Pasture Pals a few months ago, when I was beginning the search for the right two rescued horses for our family to adopt. I was impressed by the quality of the straightforward information that was presented about each of the horses. I could tell then that Pasture Pals ER was run by people who genuinely care about the horses they are caring for and seeking homes for. I didn’t feel the same confidence in reading through many of the online pieces of marketing information that some rescue places present. I was particularly caught by “Dash”, a small Arabian gelding, and I found myself coming back again and again to look at his photo, his information, and information about some of his buddies at Pasture Pals ER. Finally, my husband and I scheduled a visit to see Dash and some of his friends in person. On arriving at Pasture Pals ER, I was struck immediately by Alex’s obvious passion for the horses who have been lucky enough to arrive into her care. We spent time with Dash and Lucky first, and then visited the mares. As we visited, Alex told us stories about many of the horses and their sometimes nightmarish journeys through life. Dash had been abandoned in a pasture where he had no contact with other animals and his only friend was a pickup truck. I look at him now, scampering in our pasture with Lucky, and calling out to me as soon as he sees me come out the back door, and it breaks my heart to imagine that someone could just completely abandon such a loving creature. As sad as Dash’s story was, there were others even more tragic. In each of these cases, one more horse was saved from a heartbreaking death, pulled back from the brink of disaster, by Alex and her dedicated team of volunteers who just simply care about horses and are willing to devote their time to caring for those who have been hurt. Thank you so much, Alex, for everything you and your team does, every day. Sincerely, Debra Tatum Debra Tatum, MA, LPC



Oreo’s Adoption Story
 In January of this year, I met Oreo, a chubby little paint with an adorable disposition. He’d been through a lot in the nine years of life before he met me, but strangely enough all that history is what first bound him to my heart. I had spent months on Craigslist looking for the perfect therapy horse to begin our dream therapy farm… And I had been disappointed SO many times. Every time I would think I had found “the one”, someone would have their cash on hand faster or be available to pick it up sooner. So, I had almost given up and decided to call the whole idea off, but couldn’t restrain myself from checking the horse listings one more time. I believe everything happens for a reason and I had to hope that God still had my horse out in the world somewhere. That’s when I found Oreo. A bit of his story was posted on the ad, saying that he had come to Pasture Pals ER due to his owner not being able to afford feed for him. Because of this obvious neglect, this beautiful creature had come to the rescue underweight and out of shape. But by the time I had the privilege of meeting Oreo, he was healthy and ready to begin the next adventure in life! I held onto his lead rope, full of hope and he answered with a soft and gentle gesture. Burrowing his nose in my hair he inhaled my scent and then exhaled approval. It was there on that frigid day in January that I realized hearts can never truly be full, because each amazing creature that enters our lives gives us a chance to grow our hearts a thousand-fold. And why should love be limited? It keeps growing! In the past few months Oreo has become even more a part of our hearts and our family. He provides therapy to four of my adopted, special-needs siblings in preparation for his future job as a full time therapy horse! I noticed recently that a new softness had entered Oreo’s chocolate brown irises.  
 Even underfed and gaunt in his original rescue pictures, I thought him a beautiful horse. But in the soft afternoon glow of sunset, I felt my heart throb with emotion just as it had the first time I had met him. A few months ago, I had met a well-fed, clean, and healthy horse, but in that moment I met something more... a creature willing to forgive what I could not give and teach me to give more than I ever thought possible. The most beautiful thing about Oreo’s story is that it is cycle of redemption and hope. He came to Pasture Pals ER needing love and nurture. He found his forever home with a family of children who had at one point in time been hurting for love and nurture as well. And in his job as a therapy horse, he will be giving back the love and nurture invested in him to another group of kids that greatly need it!  
 I imagine with great joy telling children that visit our therapy farm someday, “You see this amazingly powerful and beautiful animal? Well, he wasn’t always so glorious on the outside. He had people hurt him. He had people forget to feed him. He had people tell him that he did not matter. But you know what? He did matter… Just like you.”


Susan & Greg

June 22, 2015
Thank you for all you do. You serve as a resource for those of us wishing to learn more to better care for the equines in our families. Today, I want to write to you to tell you my equine adoption story. Six years ago, I met the man of my dreams, married and moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania down to Benson, North Carolina, which is a small rural town outside of Raleigh. It was a big adjustment, from city life to a small farming community. I was now the proud owner of a small farm, with a beautiful barn and two pastures, but no experience or even thought of equines.  
 Recently, a friend had a donkey that needed a soft place to land, and we took her in. I didn’t know she was not really used to people, so I’ve been, with my limited experience, working with her to get her to trust me. It’s two steps forward, one step back. My husband and I knew she needed a companion, so after extensive research, we decided to visit Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, Inc., located in Clayton, North Carolina.  
 Our first visit, we met Alex and Keith, and toured their facility. It was clear from the moment we met that they had a heart for all of God’s creatures, but especially those of the equine variety. We heard the stories of the beautiful horses who had been starved and beaten, or just left to their own devices, and saw how Pasture Pals had brought them back to their former splendor. We learned about their process and found it to be sound and above reproach financially. The most important thing we learned was that they do so much with so little. They don’t take a salary – everything they take in goes into the animals in their care. They would literally give the food off of their plate to feed one of their animals.  
 We decided to adopt Buck, an 18-year-old thoroughbred who had literally been on the brink of death when Pasture Pals ER intervened. The photos of him when he arrived showed skin and bones, and his hoofs were in terrible shape. The vet said he probably wouldn’t make it, but Buck, and Alex, had other ideas. They did NOT give up, and sat up with him for long hours as he slowly healed and recovered. One of the things that impressed me most was that I received an extremely detailed list of each and every item used in Buck’s care. I knew exactly, from the day he arrived, what had been given to him, done to him, and the cost that went into it. That shows me the care that goes into not only the animals themselves, but also ensuring that accurate records are kept. This is the sign of a quality nonprofit organization.  
 We applied, and were accepted, and Alex and Keith delivered Buck to us a couple of weeks ago. I know it was especially difficult for them to see him go, but they knew he would have a forever home. He has been thriving, and seems to love his new home, and his new barn. He’s learning, and we are learning. Being new to the equine world, I have been struggling to work with Penny, my new donkey. Even though Alex and Keith had nothing to do with her coming to me, they continue to give me advice, guidance, and even came out to help me get her feet done. It was nothing they needed to do, but again, it is all about the animals to them.  
 I literally feel there is nothing they would not do for an animal in need. I know all of the rescues you are considering love their animals, and they are all deserving of this generous gift you are offering. I just ask you to consider Pasture Pals because I know they are responsible with funds, but they just don’t go far enough. I know Alex, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis so badly that she limps, among other ailments, gives up medical treatments she desperately needs in order to help the animals. She has never directly said this, but I know it’s true. I would love to give her a bit of a “break” from having to worry about the next check she has to write. Please consider Pasture Pals. Many thanks for your time. Susan and Greg Nelson



In November, 2014, my neighbor told me of a local equine rescue that needed volunteers to help with the animals. I said I would like to go out and see if I could help. Alex and Keith Daniels gave me a tour and told me about each animal. It was evident they really loved them. A week or so later, I was told they were having difficulties. Mike and I went to a local hardware store and asked the owner if he could give Pasture Pals Equine Rescue the feed they needed at cost. He immediately said yes and the rest is history. Mike and I decided to pay for one month’s worth of food and have tried to help as much as possible.  
 Mike is with Clayton NC morning Rotary club and he has been able to get several of the members to come out and help with construction and other volunteer work. We will do whatever we can to help them become self-sustaining. While out at one of their pastures, we saw a very pretty horse, Beauty is her name. I called her name and she came from the far end of the pasture to say hello and get a carrot or two. She just sung out to us. In February, we were able to find a great place to board Beauty and give her permanent shelter and lots of love.  
 On February 8, 2015, we adopted Beauty. Mike is taking lessons with a horse trainer and he has established with Beauty that he is her buddy. She recognizes him and is learning to follow his commands. Mike is currently learning rein guide techniques so he won’t have to use the bit. Once Mike is trained, he can train me and we will see if I can ride her. We are also establishing a trust with enough funds for her welfare during her life if something should happen to us. We hope you will give Pasture Pals Equine Rescue consideration for they are truly worthy.  
Nina Darling-Bennett Michel Bennett
45 Calabria CT Clayton, NC 27527



Marilyn Kille To Mbrs of the TAEG,

 I couldn't be happier having recently adopted Gigi as a good will ambassador for Peppermint Spring Farm's affiliate, the Wildflower Learning Community. She and her companion, Scarlet, already are great assets to assist WLC in advancing its AG-based preschool-K early childhood program. Thank you PPER for the knowledge and commitment that enable these two gals to enhance our lives.

 - Marilyn

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