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Have a pony party with pasture pals!

What does it include and what does it cost?

Pasture Pals charges $180 per hour for a pony party and, if held at your location, $1 for each mile traveled, with a limit of 30 miles. For the base price, we will have 1 riding horse or pony or donkey available for you, as well as 1 petting zoo pony or donkey.

Additionally, if you would like another horse or pony or donkey made available for riding, the cost is an extra $70. We also have a fun paint the pony activity that can be done for just an extra $20!

Like with everything else at Pasture Pals, all proceeds go directly to the animals! So you can know when you're throwing the coolest party that you're also lending a helping hand to animals in need.

Want to host to coolest party on the block?

What child doesn't dream of pony rides at their birthday party? Well, that dream is in reach with Pasture Pals' help! Hold a party at our location or yours and make it come true, all while knowing you're doing a good thing for animals in need, too.

If you're interested, please read our party rules here, and then make sure to fill out our party form and mail or email it to

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