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Foaled 2014, 13.3 hand (55 inches), Bay, Welsh Pony, Mare

We were contacted on 11/18/20 about a pony that was in serious need of placement ASAP. She had been purchased as a riding pony and sent to a trainer. Unfortunately she "failed" her training and the owner was told that she would never be rideable, so they wanted to get rid of her one way or the other. She had to be gone and since he knew the pony, he offered to pick her up but was still looking for a place that would take care of her. We had a space for her and so the owner signed her over to him and he brought her to us 11/19/20.

She is a pretty girl, is at a good weight and you can see her hooves have been cared for. She is head shy and timid, but not crazy. At our first meeting with her, she had good ground manners and walked nicely on the lead. The only things we really noticed were the friction burns about 2 inches long on either side of her mouth and that her back appeared to be very sore. Both were attributed to the bit pulling on her mouth and her bucking, when the trainer was trying to ride her. We had several people contact us about this pony, many giving different versions of what she had been through. We will work with what we know and let the rest go. For now her new name is Serena and she is free to just be a pony for a while.

We are working on her head shy issues and letting her bond with other animals and the volunteers. We will do everything we can to help her and help her just be a happy pony. Her mouth is healing and she is learning to trust us a little. Further training may not happen for a while. She may end up being a great lead line pony or possibly driving, and with a different kind of training maybe more. Who knows? We are in no rush to make her be anything but a happy pony. To see all pictures of this beautiful girl, check out her album on Facebook!

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