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Family & Group Tours

Life Springs Academy Tour

Family/Group tours are done by appointment only and scheduled between 11am and 4pm but can be scheduled for special times. The full tour takes over 3 hours. You meet each of the animals and hear their stories. We ask for donations to help feed the animals. Our requested fee for tours is $25 (equal to 1 bags of feed and 1 bag of senior feed) for the first adult, $10 (1 bag of horse feed) for each additional person, with children under 14 free.

Example: A family of 2 grandparents, 2 parents, and 3 children under 14 is only $55 for the three hour tour.

Groups can also take up donations.

for more information! Please note schedule and availability is subject to change; Pasture Pals is 100% volunteer run and dependent on the schedules and availability of our volunteers.

Looking for a unique experience?

Have you ever seen a donkey in person before? What about goats, or pigs, or, yes, of course, horses? A visit to Pasture Pals is a truly unique experience that you're not going to find on any other farm tour; not only will you meet all of these delightful creatures, but we'll tell you the stories of all of these animals, and why our work here is so important.

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