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Volunteer Testimonials


MJ the Dancing Horse


MJ arrived at Pasture Pals Equine Rescue when she was 27 years old. That’s a tough hand for a horse to be dealt…most people who are looking to adopt a horse aren’t looking for a horse of this age. Two years later, MJ is still at PPER, but is loved by everybody who meets her. She is so calm and gentle and incredibly bombproof. She is a favorite for the “groom a pony” activity on our open house days, because she will literally stand for 30 minutes to be groomed without being tied. She lets us pick up her feet so easily, and is such a well-behaved horse. 
 MJ prefers to be with the donkeys and miniature horses, maybe because that’s who she lived with before coming to PPER. In fact, her friends Bear (miniature pony) and Gus (mini donkey) came with her when she was brought here.  
 MJ already had a calm temperament when she arrived, and she really enjoys cuddles from the humans. MJ has one “quirk” that everyone notices. When we put her in a stall for feeding, she “dances” back and forth, feet planted, upper body leaning from the left to the right repeatedly. We believe that she was kept in the stall too much at her previous residence and developed this behavior as a result. Once she leaves the stall, she doesn’t dance anymore. MJ has begun to develop a relationship with a miniature pony named “Cindy/Cinderella.” They love to be around each other as they graze and soak up the sun on warm days. On cold days, MJ relies on a blanket to keep her comfortable. She has modeled several different blanket styles and colors during her two years at PPER. Since she is a gorgeous flea-bitten Arabian, she looks great in any color, but always best in her freshly groomed white hair, mane, and tail.

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